Acharya Maharajshree

Preservation of and keeping our culture, traditions, and religious values is a foundational principle of Hinduism. While also living a pure life is propounded in Hinduism, it is long overdue for an emphasis to be placed on health and wellness. For body, mind, and soul to be rejuvenated and recharged.

Imagine a place by a lake surrounded by massive trees and an abundance of nature. Imagine the fresh air soothing your lungs and calming your senses. Imagine taking a journey to a hill station from the India of your yesteryears.  Imagine a spiritual awakening unlike any other outside of India.

Devasya will provide entire families (young to senior) with the best environment to expand their knowledge of religion, need for health and wellness, and enrichment of our culture – all focused around bringing families together in a safe and clean environment. Guests seeking solace from life’s volatility will be able to immerse themselves into the absolute serenity provided by 500+ acres of pure nature.

There is a desire in us all to enhance ourselves physically, intellectually and spiritually. More than what we have done already with the establishing of temples for devotion and community. The future is much more about serving the needs of families beyond the walls of temples; beyond the reach of lectures; and beyond religion.

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